I’m A Model Of Society

I’m a model of society
I’m a doll for you to dress
I can’t speak about the way I feel
Incase I get repressed
And this never ending cycle
Of what if you don’t accept?
I’m a product of a deeper wrong
That exposure won’t address
The World is getting smaller
And it’s not all rosy beds
We’re conditioned to believe
That this is what is for the best
One world bill and one world government
To tell you what you need
One religion one collective
Forced upon us as we bleed
Not just physically but mentally
Us slowly they condition
With their cashless clean society
Our own opinion forbidden
You’ll ignore the signs and give away
Your freedoms for your comfort
Sleep with ease at night because
You know your next meal comes without fuss
At what point will you begin to see
The freedom that’s invented
Is just a tool to get you to
Bow down for their incentives
And as you swipe your cashless card
I challenge you to think this
What happens when they put in place
A chip in hand for credit?
You think it’s sifi crazy talk
And yet you have forgotten
You never thought you’d see the day
The pound coin left your pocket.


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